Tabriz Friendly Ice Cream Company started its activity as a production of traditional ice cream in a small production unit from year 1, then with the boom of industrial ice cream production in the country, along with its other competitors, it started its activity in the field of production of industrial ice cream.


Then, with the key of the comprehensive development plan of the company, including production-distribution and export, it entered a new phase of its activities and with the help of Hazrat Hagh, achieved remarkable successes in all these fields. In a short time, it was able to open its place in the problematic taste of our dear compatriots all over the country and be one of the industry activists in the field of exports.

Success in all these fields has never been accidental and has not been achieved except in the shadow of the kindness of the merciful God with high effort and steely will of the company’s officials and the tireless efforts of the company’s personnel. It is produced almost without the direct intervention of human agents, so that all these steps, from receiving raw materials to cooking, mixing and formulating raw materials, edging and storage in tanks, and finally production and presentation to the consumer market are carried out with strict and controlled supervision. This claim is supported by accurate tests of the company’s equipped laboratory and continuous supervision of the esteemed standard and food supervision departments of the provinc

And now we will be at the service of our dear compatriots with a much brighter horizon than before and with higher goals than before, and we will continue to be diligent and dynamic in promoting the beautiful name of our dear country. And, of course, we will turn our eyes to the guidance and suggestions of our dear compatriots, who we consider to be a great support and achieve their ultimate satisfaction as a precious stone.

The continuous effort to produce various products according to the tastes and interests of the audience, along with improving their quality, has reached the point due to the high importance of audience health. Today, Dosti Company has introduced more than 150 well-known and popular products to the audience.


Description of the production process
Quality certificates

Dosti’s products are produced in a completely safe process and almost without the direct intervention of human agents, so that all these steps from receiving raw materials to cooking and mixing and formulating raw materials and edging and storage in Vanita tanks are produced and presented to the consumer market. This is done with completely accurate and controlled supervision, and this claim is supported by the accurate tests of the company’s equipped laboratory and the continuous supervision of the respected standard and food supervision departments.

In addition to the type and quality of friendship products, packaging has become a very important and serious matter due to its role in maintaining product quality in the distribution and export stages. The company’s products are fully automatic packed in special cellophane made of double-layer polyethylene, to maintain quality and protection against temperature, humidity and microorganisms by advanced equipment and up to date in different weights. Finally, packing with female carton machines under the supervision of quality control personnel is completed.

In the path of production to supply of products, providing the best product has always been the main concern and desire of the company’s group managers, therefore, non-competitive and quality designs have always been at the forefront of their decisions. Gather the food industry together in a desirable way so that it can offer high quality and completely natural products to our dear compatriots.

In this regard, and due to the importance of quality in the policy defined by Dosti Company, this collection has succeeded in receiving the national standard, using modern technology and with the help of experts, international certifications ISO 9001: 2000 Quality), has achieved ISO 22000 and placed it in its portfolio and is always trying to keep pace with international markets in order to be able to play an effective role in maintaining the health of its compatriots.

ISO 9001
مدیریت کیفیت در خدمات و تولیدات
ISO 22000
مديريت ايمني مواد غذايي
ایمنی محیط تولید

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